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We offer many different privates options available here at SJS which are all open to the public. You do not have to be enrolled in a team to participate in classes! Our privates are taught by USASF Certified instructors who have all gone through a background check prior to employment with SJS. 



One on one lessons with the instructor of your choice.

Length: 1 hour



One on one lessons with the instructor of your choice.

Length: 45 minutes



One on one lessons with the instructor of your choice.

Length: 30 minutes



 A popular option for athletes who LOVE to take lessons with other athletes.

Length: 45 minutes




Registration Fee: A yearly registration of $54.99 per student (valid 12 months) will be applied to all accounts. A valid credit card or bank account is required. Upon registering you will be provided access to a private, secure customer portal to view your account. 

Payment Policy: Payments are due by the 1st of the month according to the payment schedule. Tuition is billed at a flat monthly rate (full month ranges 3-5 classes). All tuition will be charged to your credit card or checking account on file on the 1st of the month. Any changes to automatic payment methods must be completed (1) day prior to payment due date via online or by calling RKC. 

Decline Fees/Late Fees/Return Check Fees: All outstanding balances beyond the due date will incur an additional $30 late fee after the 3rd day. Outstanding accounts beyond (30) days will be turned over to a private collection service and the customer will be held responsible for all additional collection costs. Returned checks will result in an automatic $30 fee to the customers account. 

Private/Semi-Private Policy: In order to participate in a private or semi-private, all accounts must be current.  Effective immediately, privates & semi-privates are ONLY available for the following:

  • Current South Jersey Storm All Star Cheerleaders

  • Other cheerleaders NOT affiliated with an all star program within 100 miles of South Jersey Storm

Missed Classes/Make-ups: Regular class attendance is suggested to maintain continued development in our programs. Due to class ratio and class conformity issues, RKC does not offer make-up classes during another class. Make-ups are only afforded to children who missed class due to injury, funeral or school obligation. Please contact the Program Director to schedule your make-up. 

Snow Days: RKC does not follow any school closing decisions. We will provide an announcement via email prior to the day's class if the facility is going to be closed. If your class is canceled due to the facility being closed, you will be afforded (1) make up class. Your make up class must take place within the same month. 

Classes: Classes will start and end on time. Do not drop students off more than 15 minutes in advance unless prior arrangements have been made and must wait in the cafeteria until classes begin. Additionally, students who arrive 15 minutes past the start time of class will be unable to participate. Please pick your child up on time. 

Valuables: Valuable items should not be brought to the facility. RKC will not be held responsible for any items lost or stolen. Please check to make sure you have all of your child's belongings before you leave the gym. 

Visitors: All visitors should sit in designated areas. Please supervise siblings who are observing classes. Under no circumstances are children or parents who are not participating allowed on the gym floor. 

Student Behavior During Class: Students being disruptive will be taken out of class. Our motto: Safety first!! 

Withdrawals: RKC maintains a (12) month schedule. If you are planning to leave for any reason, we need to receive an electronic withdrawal request via email to (15) prior to the beginning of the upcoming month. All Storm Cheerleaders will be charged a $250-$500 Re-Choreography fee. 

South Jersey Storm Discounts: Discounts will not be combined. Only one discount per family. The discount that is higher will be applied to your account. 

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